Calls for proposals

A funding proposal is regarded as submitted in due time if received by the SNSF on the last day of the deadline or by 17.00h Swiss local time on the submission date. If the deadline or the submission date falls on a Saturday, a Sunday or a holiday recognised under Swiss federal law, the deadline or submission date will be moved forward to 17.00h Swiss local time on the next working day.

Submission deadline Funding scheme



Sinergia promotes interdisciplinary collaboration between two to four research groups whose project involves breakthrough research.



r4d programme: third thematically open call

The thematically open module invites high-quality research that contributes to the solution of global problems in least-developed, low- and middle-income countries. The topics in this module will be defined bottom-up, i.e. by the researchers themselves.



Foundation for Political Science Grants: two grants for 2018

The Foundation for Political Science Grants offers Swiss university graduates the opportunity to work inside the Federal Palace for a full year. In so doing, the Foundation aims to foster the dialogue between science and politics. It works with several partners who contribute to the science policy grants, among them the SNSF. The call is the sole responsibility of the Foundation for Political Science Grants.



NRP 76 "Welfare and Coercion – Past, Present and Future"

NRP 76 "Welfare and Coercion – Past, Present and Future" aims to generate scientific insights into past and future developments as well as the social repercussions of welfare and coercion in Switzerland.



NRP 72: launch of second call

The National Research Programme "Antimicrobial Resistance" (NRP 72) is launching a second call to fill specific research gaps: projects pursuing a One Health approach, new diagnostic methods and additional intervention studies.



Longitudinal studies: extension of funding period

The SNSF is launching a call for proposals to continue its support for ongoing longitudinal studies.



Southeast Asia – Europe Joint Funding Scheme

The SNSF is participating in the first call for proposals within the scope of the Southeast Asia – Europe Joint Funding Scheme.



ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017

ERA.Net RUS Plus has launched a second joint call: "Science & Technology". The call opened on 2 May and will close on 4 July 2017.



New Lead Agency agreement with the funding agency of Wallonia

To simplify collaboration with Belgian researchers, the SNSF has signed a Lead Agency agreement with the funding organisation of French-speaking Wallonia.



Advanced Postdoc.Mobility

Advanced Postdoc.Mobility fellowships of the SNSF are awarded to advanced postdocs who wish to conduct or extend a research stay abroad.