Increase your research experience through a stay abroad!

Doc.Mobility fellowships are designed for doctoral students who wish to enhance their scientific profile by working at a research institution abroad.

The fellowships include a grant towards living costs, a flat-rate for travel expenses and, if justified, a contribution towards research and conference costs as well as matriculation fees.  These fellowships are awarded for a minimum of 6 months up to a maximum of 18 months.

Please note that the last submission deadline for Doc.Mobility will be on 1 september 2020. The Doc.Mobility instrument will be discontinued as of 2021. Further details can be found in the "News" section below -> 06.02.2020.



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Submission deadlines

1 March and 1 September
17.00h Swiss local time

Last submission deadline:
1 September 2020 (Details under "innovations")


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University of Basel
University of Bern
University of Fribourg
University of Geneva
University of Lausanne
EPF Lausanne
University of Lucerne
University of Neuchâtel
University of St. Gallen
University of Zurich
ETH Zurich
Università della Svizzera italiana

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