Innovations in research funding

​The SNSF has been reviewing its funding portfolio in order to offer researchers a clearer, simpler and more needs-oriented range of schemes. It partially reorganised the Sinergia programme in time for the submission deadline of 1 June 2016. Changes to project funding, the main SNSF funding scheme, were implemented in October 2016. And significant innovations in the career funding schemes of the SNSF are to be introduced as of 2017. The SNSF will publish detailed information on the changes in advance.

Here is an interactive overview of the SNSF's funding portfolio. The funding schemes currently being adapted are marked in orange. Click on them to access further information.

The area of each box corresponds to the distribution of the approved amounts in each funding category in 2014.

The review of project funding encompassed among other changes a revision of the SNSF's most fundamental set of rules: the General Funding Regulations and the General implementation regulations for the Funding Regulations. The new regulations entered into force in January 2016.