International Short Visits

Link up with scientists from abroad!

The scheme International Short Visits is aimed at researchers in Switzerland who wish to go abroad for a short period or researchers abroad who wish to collaborate with researchers in Switzerland. During the visit, they pursue a small joint research project.

Short visits may last from one week to three months. There are no geographical and topical restrictions. The grants include travel, room and board expenses.

The schemes "Scientific Conferences", "International Exploratory Workshops" and "International Short Visits" will be replaced with a new scheme called "Scientific Exchanges". Proposals to the new scheme can be submitted as of 4 April 2017. They need to be submitted at least four months before the planned event/visit.

The "Scientific Exchanges" scheme enables researchers in Switzerland to organise scientific conferences and workshops as well as visits by Swiss researchers to other countries, or visits by researchers from abroad to Switzerland for one to six months. The scheme covers the travel, room and board expenses of participants in an event and of researchers who are on a research visit.

​Submission deadline

31.03.2017 (last submission)


International Short Visits