is a cooperation project that supports the development of complex multiscale systems for future applications in the fields of health, security, energy and the environment. In December 2012, the SNSF approved the last research projects of the first phase. The call for the second phase was launched in June 2013. No further calls are planned. projects are cooperatively organised engineering projects that aim to analyse and develop innovative systems featuring small-scale components (micro- and nanoscale) and systems comprising very large data sets (tera). supports technological developments that contribute to improved health and security in Switzerland and greater competences in energy and environmental management. Novel technologies in these areas are expected to build on complex, hierarchical, multiscale systems.

For the first, four-year phase, parliament approved CHF 60 million for; in addition, the project is supported by funding from higher education institutions and third parties. The proposals were evaluated by the SNSF.

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