Between 2008 and 2016, projects benefited from a federal budget of CHF 220 million. Its headquarters are at ETH Zurich. The SNSF is tasked with monitoring projects and assessing the quality of the initiative as a whole. The last call for proposals was launched in 2015. is a large public research initiative in Switzerland, focusing specifically on systems biology; the aim of the initiative is for Switzerland to become a global frontrunner in this area of research. In systems biology, researchers describe and measure biological processes and develop theories which they then verify with the aid of models. This calls for cooperation with mathematicians, IT experts and engineers. The holistic approach of systems biology even makes it possible to tackle medical questions, which is why medical researchers are increasingly represented in research consortia. supports well over 1000 scientists in approximately 200 projects and 400 research groups. Fifteen partners are responsible for the initiative on an equal footing: ETH Zurich, EPF Lausanne, eight cantonal universities and five other research institutions.


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