Innovations in project funding

Project funding: clearer and more attractive

​Aiming to optimise its main funding scheme, the SNSF commissioned a client survey on project funding and set up an internal working group. This resulted in changes aimed at implementing a more effective, client-friendly and attractive project funding scheme for researchers. The changes have been included in separate regulations for project funding, which came into force in October 2016.

A number of changes in project funding are based on the new Funding Regulations and the revised General Implementation Regulations. The revised regulations entered into force in January 2016. For more information, please refer to the SNSF website:

The key changes in project funding are as follows:

  • the maximum project duration is increased to four years
  • more flexibility with regard to grants and how they are used
  • restrictions on the number of applications and projects evaluated under the project funding scheme


Project funding is open to all scientific fields, disciplines and research ideas and will continue to be the SNSF's main funding scheme.

Submission deadlines

The 1 April and 1 October (news: 17.00h Swiss local time) deadlines will remain in place.