International Co-Investigator Scheme (previously Money Follows Cooperation Line)

The International Co-Investigator Scheme provides funding for cross-border projects.

The SNSF uses the International Co-Investigator scheme to promote and facilitate international collaboration. This funding scheme is aimed at researchers in Switzerland whose project includes a subproject abroad. The SNSF evaluates and finances both the project and the subproject abroad.

The agreement with Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands covers all disciplines, while the agreement with the UK is limited to the humanities and social sciences.

The International Co-Investigator Scheme is a project funding scheme. The requirements set out in Articles 4 and 5 of the Project Funding Regulations apply also to international co-applicants, i.e. they must have a minimum of 50% employment in the country concerned. The overhead costs or salary of the co-applicant abroad are not covered by the SNSF.

If the research team you would like to run a project with is in a country that is not listed above, your project might still be eligible for funding under the Sinergia programme.

Submission deadlines

1 October and 1 April


International Co-Investigator Scheme