International Co-Investigator Scheme (formerly Money Follows Co-operation Line)

Cross-border projects with international partners - International Co-Investigator Scheme

The International Co-Investigator Scheme shall support and facilitate the cooperation with partners abroad and is aimed at researchers in Switzerland who carry out projects in which a subproject is con-ducted abroad. The sub-projects abroad are co-financed by the SNSF.

This is currently possible in Sweden and Norway, as well as Germany and Austria (very small sub-projects) and the UK (only in the humanities and social sciences).

The International Co-Investigator Scheme is part of the project funding and for the foreign co-applicants the same participation requirements are applied as for Swiss applicants: to hold at least a 50% position for the whole project duration and at least four years of successfully conducted research since gaining the doctoral degree.

Research teams from other countries can also participate in Swiss projects via the Sinergia programme.

Submission deadlines

1 October and 1 April


International Co-Investigator Scheme