Lead Agency process with Austria

Under the Lead Agency process, a joint application by researchers in Switzerland and Austria can be submitted to one of the two national research funding organisations. The submission process is governed by the provisions in force at the relevant organisation.

At the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the Lead Agency process is limited to the funding scheme "Stand-Alone Projects".

In both countries the maximum project duration is 4 years.

At 25 per cent, success rates at the FWF are considerably lower than success rates at the SNSF.

The Lead Agency is always located in the country in which a higher funding amount is requested. In unclear or borderline cases, the funding organisations involved must be contacted to determine the Lead Agency prior to submission.

If the requested funding amount is higher in Austria, the FWF is responsible for the evaluation of the overall project. The conditions for Stand-Alone Projects apply and the relevant forms need to be completed. The FWF does not set any specific submission dates and applications can therefore be submitted all year round.

If the SNSF acts as Lead Agency, the Austrian partners submit the required FWF forms to the FWF, according to the conditions for Stand-Alone Projects.

If you are planning to submit your Lead Agency proposal in a language other than English (only possible in certain disciplines of the humanities and social sciences), you will need to discuss this with all of the involved agencies in advance.

If a data management plan (DMP) was already submitted to the FWF, you need to upload a PDF version of the same document to mySNF (under "Other annexes"). If no DMP was submitted to the FWF, you need to complete the DMP data container on mySNF. The DMP covers all research data which are generated or used during the project.

July 2018