In the Weave funding scheme, researchers from two to three European countries submit a joint proposal to one of the funding organisations involved.

Weave was developed by European funders to support excellent research projects. It simplifies the submission of joint applications by centralising evaluation at a single agency.

How does Weave work?

  • Weave follows the bottom-up principle and is embedded in an existing funding scheme of the participating agencies. The rules of the relevant funding scheme apply, there are no additional conditions.
  • With Weave, researchers from two to three European countries or regions can submit a collaborative project proposal to a funding organisation. Each applicant must be eligible for funding at one of the national organisations involved.
  • Weave is based on the principle set out in the Lead Agency agreement. The Lead Agency receives the application and evaluates the project - based on the rules of the funding scheme in which Weave is embedded. After completing the evaluation, the Lead Agency forwards the decision to its partner organisation(s) for endorsement and definition of the grant amount.
  • The researchers appoint one person as the main applicant, whose role includes submitting the joint application to the funding agency of his/her country. For administrative reasons, the co-applicants also need to make parallel submissions to the national funders of their countries.

How are Weave projects financed?

  • At the SNSF, Weave is not a separate funding scheme; rather it is integrated into the project funding scheme.
  • The national funding agencies involved finance the sub-projects conducted in their country.
  • The Weave projects are compared directly with the other projects submitted in the same funding scheme. The funding agencies' aim is to support applications that are among the top 20% submitted in the relevant evaluation round.

Participating countries

Up until now, 10 European countries or regions have signed the Weave agreement.

The Weave tool shows the possible project combinations and the upcoming submission deadlines.

Weave tool

Trilateral projects with France, Sao Paulo, South Africa and South Tyrol (Lead Agency process) are not possible.

Detailed country information: