​Professor Hugo Parlier, Department of Mathematics, University of Fribourg:

"Our project allows readers to experience mathematics in a completely new way. Seeing the importance our society attributes to math and science, we hope the impact will be considerable."

The interactive e-book Mathema, packed with games and activities, shows just what makes math so exciting to mathematicians. Developed by Hugo Parlier from the Mathematics department at the University of Fribourg and Paul Turner from the University of Geneva, it is one of the first of a new generation of innovative book apps utilising the full potential of touchscreen technology to convey ideas in an immersive, participatory way. The book app is written for adults and teenagers motivated to know more about the true nature of the mathematical experience. This includes students (14+), educators and readers of popular science. With no mathematical training required, Mathema is ideal for anyone curious to know more about this extraordinary discipline.

The authors have devised a book which has interactivity at its core, combining engaging text with images that come alive, activities and games, explanatory videos and much more. Mathema is unprecedented in its use of multi-media technology to promote active learning. Hugo Parlier and Paul Turner are also holding workshops using material developed for Mathema, giving public lectures and are developing material for science museums.