Workshops about young Muslims in Switzerland

Dr. Jürgen Endres, Centre for Research on Religion at the University of Lucerne:

"The Agora programme gave us the rare opportunity to prepare our research results for a non-academic target group and make the debate on Islam more evidence-based for the participants."

For two years, the research team of Professor Martin Baumann at the Centre for Research on Religion at the University of Lucerne, visited, interviewed and studied Muslim youth groups in Switzerland. Funded by the Agora scheme, Dr Jürgen Endres and Dr Andreas Tunger-Zanetti then developed a workshop to share the results of the study with experts in education and social work.

The target audience included professionals working in schools, social and youth work, citizen initiatives (youth associations, education, NGOs, churches and other religious associations) and journalism. The workshops, focusing on results and didactics, offered researchers the opportunity to share ideas and observations with people working in these areas. The events contributed to raising awareness among experts of the situation of young Muslims in Switzerland. At the same time, the researchers gained invaluable insights into the practical day-to-day challenges related to Islam. In the course of one year, 33 workshops took place in various towns in German-speaking Switzerland and in Geneva.