ERC/SSH: Temporary measures for women

Temporary measures for women who have submitted applications to the European Research Council (ERC)

​Women researchers in the humanities and social sciences who have reached the second stage of the ERC’s evaluation process without obtaining a grant can temporarily submit their applications for SNSF professorships (incl. their own salary) or project funding (excl. their own salary) in a simplified process.

This additional measure allows women researchers in the humanities and social sciences to resubmit their unmodified research plans, lists of publications and CVs which had already been submitted as part of the application assessed at the second stage of the ERC process. No further external reviews will be solicited for the SNSF procedure.

Submission deadline: the deadlines for project funding must be met (1 April/1 October). For information about submission deadlines for SNSF professorships (candidates will be directly admitted to the second evaluation phase), please contact the SNSF Administrative Offices.