i. What will change in the evaluation process if I tick the category "use-inspired basic research"?

In 2016, the SNSF commissioned the consulting firm Technopolis to conduct a study of the category "use-inspired basic research". The study emphasises the complexity of use-inspired proposals as a result of their dual nature as both basic and applied science. It also makes a series of recommendations aimed at optimising the evaluation of use-inspired research projects:

  • adopting the typology developed in the study to define the category more clearly;
  • fully implementing the DORA declaration;
  • giving greater weight to the broader impact of projects during the evaluation by the Research Council;
  • including at least one expert from practice;
  • ensuring greater diversity in the evaluation bodies in order to match the diverse nature of the proposed research projects.

These recommendations will be implemented step-by-step by the SNSF.