0b) My project is delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic and needs to be extended? What can I do if there isn't enough money left for the extension period?

If your project ends before 31 December 2020, you can apply for a supplementary grant for project completion, based on Article 36 of the Funding Regulations of the SNSF. This rule applies provided the project cannot be completed in the context of another SNSF project. To submit the application, go to your project in mySNF and fill in the form "Supplementary grants". We will approve the grant swiftly. It will cover a period of up to two months.

If your project ends after 31 December 2020, you should organise and modify your research activity in a way that allows you to finish the project on time. For this purpose, you can change your research plan where necessary without informing the SNSF.

If you should later require a supplementary grant in spite of the changes to the research plan, you will need to submit an application giving reasons. Make sure to highlight the measures you have taken to lower costs and, if applicable, any further adaptations to the research plan. Alternatively, you may explain why it was not possible to adapt the research plan. Applications should be submitted 2 to 4 months before the end of the project.