0b) My project is delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic and needs to be extended? What can I do if there isn't enough money left for the extension period?

The research activity should be organised in a way that enables you to keep to the schedule and the budget of the SNSF grant. You can make any necessary changes to your research plan on your own responsibility and without informing the SNSF. Due to the limited funds available, supplementary grants for project completion can only be approved in exceptional cases.

If you should require a supplementary grant for project completion in spite of the changes, you can submit an application stating reasons. You have to mention in the application the measures you have taken to reduce the costs and time spent as well as any further changes to the research plan. Or you can explain why it was not possible to modify the research plan. Please submit this application two to four months before the end of the grant at the earliest.