c) I am doing research at a University of applied sciences (UAS) or University of teacher education (UTE) in Switzerland, but am enrolled at a university abroad. What do I have to consider regarding the host institution abroad for Doc.Mobility?

Doctoral students who are doing research at a UAS or UTE in Switzerland but who are formally enrolled at a university abroad (partner university) can, under certain circumstances, submit an application for a Doc.Mobility fellowship for a research stay at the partner university. Firstly, the research location abroad must not correspond to the place of education. Secondly, Doc.Mobility candidates must not have completed a research stay of more than three months in total at the partner university abroad within the framework of their doctorate. If the planned stay abroad at the partner university is already financed by third parties, no application for a Doc.Mobility fellowship may be submitted. Otherwise, the formal requirements and other provisions of the Doc.Mobility regulations apply.