a. Personal and formal requirements for project funding

​Applications for project funding can be submitted if the following personal and formal requirements are met. If several applicants submit a project together, all applicants have to meet the requirements.

  • Natural persons are eligible to submit applications if they meet the general eligibility requirements for the submission of applications pursuant to the Funding Regulations.
  • Applicants with a doctorate must have obtained the latter at least four years before the submission date of the application. Applicants without a doctorate must generally have completed at least three years of research work as their main source of income since obtaining their higher education degree. Such research work will be regarded as equivalent to a doctorate.
  • Applicants must have an independent research position that enables them to independently conduct a research project, make a substantial personal contribution to the project and lead staff members. Researchers who assume such a post less than four years after obtaining their doctorate may submit project funding applications as soon as they assume the said position.
  • Applicants in Switzerland must be able to show that they are employed with a work quota of at least 50% for the duration of the research project at a research institution recognised by the SNSF. Exceptions may be granted for researchers who have secured a future employment, for clinical researchers, self-employed researchers and employees of museums and archives. Detailed information
  • Applicants need to show that the necessary research infrastructure is at their disposal.
  • Applicants may not at the same time be employed as staff members in an SNSF-funded project.
  • Ambizione grantees and SNSF professors are excluded from project funding for the first two years of their grant.