h. When do I have to tick the category "use-inspired basic research"?

​Projects may be use-inspired in different ways, depending on the discipline. The SNSF is therefore reluctant to provide a global definition of "use-inspired basic research". However, the following list of characteristics can be helpful in determining whether an application is use-inspired. 

Criteria indicating that a project might be use-inspired:

  • Aim: the project aims to generate scientific knowledge and solve practical problems;
  • Concept: even though the project is primarily concerned with basic science, it might contribute to practical problems or questions.
  • Source of the research question: the question was defined by scientists in collaboration with a user/practitioner community;
  • Implementation in the near future: the project has the potential to be implemented in the near future (e.g. by means of technology transfer financed under a CTI grant);
  • Types of output: the project will produce academic and non-academic output;
  • Target audience: the results will be made accessible to a lay public outside academia;
  • People involved: the research group consists of researchers and stakeholders from practice.

If several of the above-mentioned criteria are met, the project is likely to be use-inspired.

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