c) As holder of an Early Postdoc.Mobility fellowship, how do I need to proceed in mySNF if I want to continue my research stay abroad or start a new project?

Please check that you fulfill all participation requirements on the date of the submission deadline for Postdoc.Mobility. If this is the case, you need to create a new Postdoc.Mobility application in mySNF. In the container "Link to other SNSF projects", please enter the number of your Early Postdoc.Mobility fellowship. Please indicate (under "type of relationship") if the Postdoc.Mobility project is a scientific follow-up of the Early Postdoc.Mobility project or if it is a new project. If there is a gap between the end of the Early Postdoc.Mobility fellowship and the possible start of the Postdoc.Mobility fellowship, you have to mention if you will be financed or not and where you are staying during this interruption.