Do I need to be registered as a doctoral student by the submission deadline of my Doc.CH application?

No, you need to be registered for a doctorate at the latest when your Doc.CH grant begins. If you are already registered for a doctorate, you should be aware that the maximum duration (4 years) of the grant, if awarded, might be reduced. In effect, doctoral students can be funded by SNSF grants for a maximum duration of 4 years, starting from the date of their registration as a doctoral student. However, in response to a written request giving reasons, the eligibility window of 4 years starting from the date of registration as a doctoral student may be extended by a maximum of 1 year. Accepted reasons for a delay are set out in Clause 1.11 paragraph 2 of the General implementation regulations for the Funding Regulations. If your registration coincides with the start of the Doc.CH grant, you will in principle be entitled to the maximum duration of 4 years.