a) I meet the formal requirements for both Early Postdoc.Mobility and Postdoc.Mobility on the relevant submission date. As parallel applications are not permitted, I have to choose which scheme to apply for. How should I proceed?

The SNSF aims to facilitate early independence for researchers as it is expected to increase their chances of pursuing of a research career. To this end, the SNSF has modified its career funding schemes and, in particular, reduced the eligibility windows for Postdoc.Mobility, Ambizione and Eccellenza. When choosing between an Early Postdoc.Mobility and a Postdoc.Mobility application, applicants should consider the following points: their own interest in expediting their careers (the eligibility windows of Ambizione and Eccellenza have been reduced)), the date of the exam or viva voce and their planning for these events, their personal situation and the special features of the relevant discipline. Researchers who opt for an Early Postdoc.Mobility application and expect to continue their stay abroad at a later stage under a Postdoc.Mobility fellowship should ensure that they meet the formal requirements for the submission of Postdoc.Mobility applications, particularly with regard to the reduced time windows. An important difference between the two schemes is that only Postdoc.Mobility offers researchers the option of a return grant covering a period of research in Switzerland. The SNSF plans to apply similar success rates to the two schemes. Furthermore, the Early Postdoc.Mobility and Postdoc.Mobility fellowships rates are the same.