What kind of degree must I have in order to be able to apply for a Doc.CH grant?

At the time of the submission deadline, you must have a degree (master's or equivalent degree) from a Swiss higher education institution which entitles you to start doctoral studies in the humanities and social sciences at a Swiss university. Researchers with an equivalent foreign degree (master's or equivalent) are also entitled to submit an application if they are Swiss nationals or if, at the time of the submission deadline, they are matriculated at the relevant higher education institution in Switzerland. The master's or equivalent degree must correspond to 90-120 ECTS points (1.5 to 2 years of full-time studies). A "Master of Advanced Studies - MAS" (which corresponds to 60 ECTS points or one year of full-time studies) and other higher education degrees do not grant eligibility to submit a Doc.CH application. ECTS must appear on one singular diploma (cumulating credits from several different diplomas is not possible). If the degree presented is not assessed according to the Bologna ECTS credit system, it is up to each candidate to provide proof of equivalence. Please note that 1 ECTS corresponds to 25 to 30 working hours according to Swiss law.