1d) Which changes are not applicable as yet?

​​Up to now (May 2016), the following changes have not yet been implemented and will not be applicable for the time being:

  • Grants enabling researchers to complete their research projects (Clause 4.2, existing rules apply to supplementary grants in accordance with the texts in mySNF)
  • New agreement with grant administration offices and written agreement for projects without any official grant administration office (Clause 5.1)
  • Changes with regard to requests for the reimbursement of additional personnel costs (Clause 6.4)
  • Modified employee categories (Clause 7.2)

Until September 2016, changes to the requirements for applicants (chapter 1) will apply only if the new rules are or have been expressly referenced in the relevant call documents and mySNF help texts.

Costs are regarded as eligible and may be claimed in applications once they are officially mentioned as eligible costs in the forms on mySNF. Eligible costs not considered for the grants because they could not be claimed in the application forms for the relevant proposals may nonetheless be debited to the grants as of 1 January 2016, provided the grant as a whole is not exceeded. The SNSF does not, however, reimburse such costs as additional costs.