1b) Which regulations has the SNSF revised and when will the new regulations enter into force?

​​The fully revised Funding Regulations of the SNSF entered into force on 1 January 2016. They have been brought into line with the also fully revised Federal Research and Innovation Promotion Act (RIPA). In parallel to the Funding Regulations, the SNSF also revised the General implementation regulations for the Funding Regulations, which also entered into force on 1 January 2016. Please take note of the following points with regard to the application of the new Regulations:

  • Project funding will be governed chiefly by the old Funding Regulations (FR2007) and the old Implementation Regulations (IR2015) until 1 October 2016. Details and exceptions are set out in the FAQs published on the web page describing the changes in project funding.
  • Sinergia is being re-positioned and new regulations will be issued also for this funding scheme in time for the next call of 1 June 2016. The new Sinergia Regulations will be based on FR2016 and IR2016 apply to.
  • ​​There will be a transition phase in which some of the changes will not yet be reflected in the SNSF's systems, hence older versions of the forms and regulations will apply to proposals under evaluation and ongoing grants. It is therefore stipulated in the transitional provisions (Clause 13.2 IR) that a number of changes will only enter into force in the course of 2016.