6i) I am currently conducting a project of my own. Can I submit a proposal for a further project?

You can submit another proposal if it addresses a completely different research topic.

The SNSF is aware that the implementation of the new regulations may put some researchers in a difficult situation. Therefore, a transition period until the end of 2017 has been defined. During this transition period additional proposals may be considered

  • as long as the research idea is clearly different from the running project(s), and
  • the number of ongoing parallel projects does not exceed a maximum of 3. After October 2018, a maximum of 2 ongoing grants will be accepted.

An additional proposal on a related topic already supported by the SNSF can only be submitted and approved if it serves to consolidate support for a line of research such that thematically related projects can be integrated into one proposal in the future.

Please contact the relevant division of the Administrative Offices to discuss your situation in detail.