8a) In order to conduct my research project successfully, I need the right staff. Which staff categories does the SNSF recognise?

The following employee categories are recognised by the SNSF:

  • Doctoral students
  • Postdocs
  • Other employees who make a specific contribution to the research project; these include employees with a degree who do not intend to do a doctorate; employees with a doctorate who are not included in the postdoc category due to their period of employment and time window; technicians; auxiliary staff.

    Salary costs of other employees may not be charged to SNSF grants uninterruptedly over a long period. With regard to uninterrupted funding by the SNSF, all SNSF-funded employments and fellowships starting at the doctoral level are considered. Funding gaps of a few months are not regarded as an interruption in SNSF funding. No career measures may be requested for employees.