9a) I would like to conduct my research project together with applicants working abroad. How should I proceed?

If the partner abroad does not bear any responsibility for the project or make a substantial contribution, you can claim collaboration costs for your project or assign project partner status to your partner abroad. If the partner abroad is supposed to be co-responsible for the project or if you developed the research idea together with them, there are two options for cross-border collaboration - International Co-Investigator Scheme and the Lead Agency process. Please refer to the special SNSF web pages devoted to these topics.

International Co-Investigator Scheme:

Research projects that are to be conducted in collaboration with applicants based abroad may be submitted and approved via the usual SNSF funding process in accordance with the International Co_Investigator Scheme. Information on the accepted countries and the conditions can be found on the SNSF website. To obtain this grant, applicants must be able to show that the project would not be feasible without the additional applicants and that the research conducted abroad adds substantial value to the overall project. Not more than half (50%) of the total budget should be used for the research abroad.

Lead Agency process:

Researchers in Switzerland who want to carry out a cross-border research project can also submit an application according to the Lead Agency process. This process can be chosen if the SNSF has signed a - generally reciprocal - agreement with a partner organisation in the country in question. Researchers in these countries and in Switzerland must submit their joint application to only one organisation, the so-called Lead Agency. The Lead Agency evaluates the overall project according to its own processes and criteria, and the partner organisation accepts the Lead Agency's decision. If the project is approved, each organisation finances the part of the project conducted in its own country.