1a) Which regulations now apply to project funding?

On 1 January 2016, new Funding Regulations (FR2016) and new Implementation Regulations (IR2016) will enter into force. They provide the legal basis for all funding schemes of the SNSF with the exception of project funding, which is excluded until 1 October 2016. Until then, project funding will be governed by the old Funding Regulations (FR2007) and the old Implementation Regulations (IR2015). New or amended provisions in FR2016 and IR2016 will be applied before 1 October 2016 upon request, if they are to the advantage of applicants. At present, the following changes are concerned:

  • Extension of employment periods for doctoral students (Clause 7.3)
  • New eligible costs (chapter 2) can be debited to the grants as of 1 January 2016, provided the grant as a whole is not exceeded. The SNSF does not, however, reimburse such costs as additional costs.

(as at January 2016)