j) My article is not published in an Open Access journal. Or, my book is not available in an electronic version. What are the consequences?

If a copyright convention has been concluded with a publisher, its terms should be complied with. However, the SNSF expects these publications to be self-archived in an institutional or discipline-specific repository, usually after an embargo period. If open access publication in accordance with these regulations is not possible for legal reasons, grantees are obliged, if asked, to inform the SNSF and provide it with the relevant documents. In the absence of a copyright convention, the scientific works may be placed on a server three months after they have appeared in print (art. 382, para. 3 of the Swiss Code of Obligations). An overview of publishers' practices may be found on the SHERPA/RoMEO website.

Payment of APCs for making an article which has been published in a paid-for journal available in Open Access ("hybrid" approach) satisfies the SNSF's Open Access requirements. The SNSF does not, however, meet this type of cost because of the problem of "double dipping".