Do all journal publishers permit digital self-archiving (green road of OA)?

Believe it or not: 90% of all journal publishers do permit it. The best approach is parallel self-archiving. However, not infrequently short-term or longer embargo periods (6-24 months) imposed by the publishers apply and these must be observed after publication of your article. The following applies: the shorter the embargo period the better it is for you because your article will be available on the Internet as quickly as possible, i.e. the visibility of your publication, and thus the chances of it being cited improve markedly. The SNSF therefore considers where possible a maximum embargo period of 6 months to be desirable. With the few publishers that do not permit self-archiving, your hands are tied (apart from asking yourself whether you should consider this publisher another time, provided you see the green road to open access as advantageous).