Can I also publish in an Open Access journal (gold road of OA)?

Of course you may choose the "gold road" option, i.e. publication in peer-reviewed Open Access journals. From 1 October 2013, you can claim the costs of publication in a purely OA journal that has an academically recognised level of quality, up to a limit of CHF 3000 per publication, during the lifetime of the project using your project budget. The publication must be related to the SNSF grant or, in the case of follow-up grants, to the preceding application. This applies equally to projects that are already running on 1 October 2013. In the case of new applications, the OA publication can be included in the proposal, although this is not mandatory and no formal request is required. In the case of ongoing grants, the costs of OA publication may be claimed as long as sufficient funds are available in the budget. Publications in hybrid journals that operate on the basis of mixed financing models are excluded from this provision. Any costs incurred in such publications must always be borne by the researcher. The SNSF generally advises against hybrid models, i.e. OA release for individual journal articles in return for a fee, since a relatively high publication fee is demanded of the author while the publisher continues to sell access licences to libraries at typically consistently high prices. The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) provides an overview of purely OA journals and their financing models.