During the automated import of publication data, the data are not added to the output data form in full.

The automated import of publication data aids data entry. After the import, the publication type (peer-reviewed or not), the publication form and the status of the publication (in press/published) need to be entered.

If other data fields are not imported when importing from BibTeX, EndNote, RefMan or RefWorks files, this may be for the following reasons:
- Spaces in front of the individual publication entries: all entries must start at the beginning of the line.

  • The .enl format cannot be imported into mySNF. We recommend that you select "Export..." in Endnote and subsequently "XML" as data format.
  • If you use Mendeley or Citavi, you may also generate files in "BibTex" format.
  • As the SNSF requires structured data for display in the research database P3 and for analysis purposes, it cannot accept publication data in PDF format.

If you continue to experience problems when importing, you have the option to send the affected files to the technical support team for verification.

The time-out can trigger an error message during searches in the publications databases. In this case, you may need to limit your search to one database or use the search criteria.