m) hat are the essential points that need to be regulated in the agreement between the publisher and the author?

he publisher agreement must include the following three points (they may also be set out in a supplementary agreement to the publisher agreement):

  • The SNSF grant will be used to produce the digital book publication.
    "If the author is awarded a grant towards his/her digital book publication by the Swiss National Science Foundation, such grant shall be used exclusively to cover the production costs of the digital book publication."
  • The Open Access commitment required by the SNSF must be fulfilled after 24 months at the latest.
    "After an embargo period of no more than 24 months after its initial publication, the digital book publication must be made available free of charge in a discipline-specific or institutional repository."
  • The support received from the SNSF is mentioned in the digital book publication.
    "The publisher undertakes to mention the support received from the SNSF in the digital book publication."