NCCR "Climate Variability, Predictability and Climate Risks" (2001-2013)

NCCR Director: Prof. Heinz Wanner (2001-2007), Prof. Thomas Stocker (2007-2013)

Home institution: University of Bern

Research in the NCCR and major results

The NCCR Climate carried out research in four areas:

  • past climate (variability, trends and extreme events)
  • future climate (processes and forecasting)
  • impacts of climate variability and change
  • risk assessment (risk hedging and socio-economic response)

The climate variability and change over the past 1000 years was documented with unprecedented data from paleoclimate archives and sites.

The heat wave in 2003 was analysed from the atmospheric dynamics point of view, with regard to the probability of occurrence under current climatic conditions, and with regard to the impacts on forest and tree mortality, water availability, biomass and agricultural production. The climate change responses of the most important ecosystems in Switzerland were investigated and management options were elaborated to adapt and to cope with increasing climate variability and more incidents of extreme weather.

Finally, the costs and benefits related to climate change for Switzerland were evaluated and the role of mitigation and adaptation in national climate policies assessed.

Overview of NCCR projects and of participating research groups (PDF, 60 KB)