NCCR Iconic Criticism

2005 series

Home institution: University of Basel

The work of the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) "Iconic Criticism – The Power and Meaning of Images" is situated against the backdrop of the digital revolution that has created a new image-based society.

Images are used more today than ever before as a means of universal communication and vehicle for imparting knowledge. The knowledge society has also become an image-based one. However comprehension of the particularities, functions, power and impact of images has failed to stay abreast of this development. The NCCR "Iconic Criticism" (also called eikones) gives images the attention they deserve. Its key questions are: How do images create meaning – in science, daily life and art? What influences images and how, in turn, do images influence us? And where does the specific power of images lie?

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