NCCR "MICS – Mobile Information and Communication Systems"

NCCR Director: Prof. Martin Vetterli (2001 - 2004), Prof. Karl Aberer (2005 - 2012)

Home Institution: EPF Lausanne

Research of the NCCR and major results

With its research focus on wireless communication, self-organizing networks and sensor data, NCCR MICS anticipated the developments of mobile platforms, social networks and large datasets which dominate today's IT world.

It has provided fundamental insights in the capacity of wireless networks, translated this into energy-efficient wireless systems, explored and defined the area of wireless security and devised innovative concepts for intelligent processing of the data produced by the wireless platforms.

Initially strongly focused on the study of fundamental theoretical questions, NCCR MICS subsequently increased the emphasis on systems and application-oriented research. In the final stage, the focus was on technology transfer activities and the creation of new research collaborations and programmes.