NCCR "Quantum Photonics" (2001-2013)

NCCR Director: Prof. Marc Ilegems (2001-2005), Benoît Deveaud (2005 - 2013)

Home Institution: EPF Lausanne

Research in the NCCR and major results

The NCCR Quantum Photonics involved a Swiss network of scientists working on various aspects of quantum photonics. Due to the dual nature of light (particles and wave), many uses of the whole light spectrum can be made for technical applications. Basic and applied research is carried out on the various ways to use light for a specific function. Light can be generated, emitted, transmitted, modulated, switched, amplified, detected and sensed.

The group of Nicolas Gisin at the University of Geneva has made major advances in the field of quantum secure communications (often called quantum cryptography). The strong collaboration with the group of Hugo Zbinden and with the start-up company ID-Quantique has enabled them to transfer the research results to real life with, for example, the quantum secure transmission of the results of the Geneva elections through the Swisscom network. The group of Tobias Kippenberg is at the forefront of the novel field called Quantum Optomechanics: the quantum interaction of light with a mechanical oscillator. The group of Jérôme Faist has continually been obtaining new results of Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) over the 12 years of this NCCR. The progress towards the operation of a QCL at room temperature was transferred to the start-up company AlpesLaser. The group Benoit Deveaud has achieved the first demonstration of Bose Einstein condensation in the solid state with cavity polaritons, a new kind of quasiparticle in a solid. They also contributed very actively to the demonstration of the superfluid nature of polariton condensates.

Overview of NCCR projects and of participating research groups (PDF, 36 KB)