NCCR Robotics

2010 series

​Home institution: EPFL, ETH Zurich (since 2015)

The National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) "Robotics – Intelligent Robots for Improving the Quality of Life" encompasses a promising field of engineering which aims at developing new, human-oriented robotic technology.

In the near future, intelligent robots will play an important role in improving quality of life. For example, "care robots" will help elderly people to stay in their familiar surroundings longer; “neuroprosthetic” and "exoprosthetic" robots will increase the mobility and autonomy of disabled person; “educational robots” will support the training of a new generation of scientists and engineers; "environmental robots" will keep our world cleaner and safer. In order to progress towards this vision, the NCCR "Robotics" is working towards developing fundamental insights in terms of technology, materials, and control mechanisms.

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