NCCR RNA & Disease

2014 series

Home institution: University of Berne, ETH Zurich

The NCCR “RNA & Disease – The Role of RNA Biology in Disease Mechanisms” studies a class of molecules that has long been neglected: RNA (ribonucleic acid) is pivotal for many vital processes and much more complex than initially assumed. For instance, RNA defines the conditions, in a given cell, under which a given gene is or is not activated. If any part of this process of genetic regulation breaks down or does not run smoothly, this can cause heart disease, cancer, brain disease and metabolic disorders.

The NCCR brings together Swiss research groups studying different aspects of RNA biology in various organisms such as yeast, plants, roundworms, mice and human cells. By identifying the regulatory mechanisms that go off course during an illness, the NCCR will also be able to point out new therapeutic targets and help counter the biggest causes of death.

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