Research funding in focus: even more transparent thanks to data stories


The SNSF meticulously examines its funding activities. From now on, we will publish these analyses on our data portal. To kick things off, we'll take a look at Open Access, ERC grants and women scientists during the pandemic.

On the site, the SNSF shows what figures alone cannot: insights into research funding in the form of data-driven articles. The aim is to shine a light on the results of analyses with which the SNSF examines itself and the research and funding sector as a whole. These 'data stories' include visuals and illustrate for a wider audience what we can learn through data analyses.

The data stories will start by focusing on:

  • New data on open access: 55 percent of publications in 2018 and 2019 resulting from SNSF-funded research are published in Open Access. And the trend is upwards.
  • ERC grants: most European Research Council (ERC) grants to Switzerland go to researchers previously supported by the SNSF.
  • Women researchers: the Covid 19 pandemic and its impact on the gender balance of research proposals.

The SNSF's strategic priorities include playing an active role in developing Switzerland as a research location, and anticipating future needs. "Scientific analyses are the basis on which we advance our research funding," says Pierre Willa, member of the SNSF Executive Management. "In this way, the SNSF ensures that public research funding of around one billion francs annually will continue to be used wisely."

Read our data stories on the SNSF data portal, incl. figures, graphs and comments that will enhance your reading experience.

SNSF data stories