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Horizons magazine: Science ex machina

Horizons takes a look at the automation of research: using robots to speed up laboratory work, artificial intelligence to process floods of data and algorithms to analyse the scientific literature. Does it work? And is it a good idea? Continue

  • Nanoparticles as food additives

    The anticaking agent silica used in the food industry affects the immune system, show researchers in NRP 64.


  • Bilateral programme with Argentina

    10 of the 80 projects proposed in October 2016 for the Argentinian-Swiss Joint Research Programme (ASJRP) will be funded for a period of three years.


  • Smarter use of mobile data

    An SNSF-funded project improves privacy and localisation accuracy of crowdsensing applications.


  • Modified Sinergia programme: 14 projects approved

    The SNSF will fund 14 new Sinergia projects with a total amount of CHF 27.84 million.


  • BRIDGE: Projects of the 2nd Proof of Concept call set to go

    64 young researchers submitted their projects in response to the 2nd call for Proof of Concept. BRIDGE will finance 8 innovative ideas.


  • Seven IICT projects approved

    The National Research Council has approved seven investigator initiated clinical trials. The third IICT call will be launched in mid-July 2017.