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NRP "COVID-19": 28 new projects funded

New research has been launched to better control COVID-19. 18.6 million francs have been invested in projects that will investigate innovative solutions and develop public health recommendations. Continue

  • 104 applications for Practice-to-Science grants

    The new Practice-to-Science funding scheme has attracted great interest among experts who wish to return to academia at[AC1] universities of applied science or universities of teacher education.


  • Open access: breakthrough in negotiations

    Publish an open access article in "Clinical Immunology" or "Journal of Materials Science"? Thanks to new agreements between universities and publishers, this is now free of charge for Swiss researchers.


  • The overall performance counts

    The SNSF has adopted the DORA recommendations in its career funding schemes and adapted some other criteria. This will make the selection process even fairer and more inclusive of researchers with diverse career paths.


  • More than 1000 applications

    Experienced researchers use the SNSF's project funding scheme to investigate self-chosen topics. They submitted 1032 applications in response to the first call of 2020.


  • Doc.CH: SNSF supports 21 doctoral students

    The SNSF awards Doc.CH grants to 21 young researchers who wish to write a doctoral thesis in the humanities and social sciences. They receive 216,000 francs per grant on average.


  • New partners in Eastern Europe

    The SNSF's PROMYS pilot programme is funding seven promising young researchers in Eastern Europe. This facilitates attractive new partnerships for Swiss research within the European network.