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Benefits of basic research

The SNSF has launched a campaign on the benefits of basic research with four videos and more. Continue

  • Media training for researchers in 2019

    The courses run by the SNSF have proved highly popular. Register without delay if you want to take a course in late summer or autumn of this year.


  • Stronger effort needed for open access

    Researchers who receive SNSF funding should make their results freely available. But to date only around 50% of publications have been set to open access. From now on, the SNSF will systematically verify whether researchers are meeting the requirement.


  • Ignorance slowing Energy Strategy 2050

    Comprehensive investigation of the acceptance of new technologies and behaviour patterns ushers in the concluding phase of “NRP Energy”.


  • SPIRIT promotes international cooperation

    With SPIRIT, the SNSF is further expanding its support for knowledge exchange between Swiss researchers and researchers from selected partner countries. Pre-proposals may be submitted all year round.


  • Simplified cooperation with Denmark

    The SNSF has agreed to jointly fund projects together with the Danish funding agency within the scope of an international co-investigator scheme.


  • 16 Sinergia projects

    The SNSF is investing 39.8 million francs in another series of Sinergia projects involving more than one discipline. 50 researchers will receive funding.




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