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Spark budget almost trebled

The first Spark call has been a great success: the SNSF will support 284 projects with 27 million francs. 354 researchers will be taking part. Continue

  • 50 million for Sinergia projects

    The SNSF finances interdisciplinary research with its Sinergia programme. 23 new projects involving 79 researchers will receive a grant. The success rate for this call was 40%.


  • Do research and look after the kids

    From now on, even more researchers with childcare duties are eligible for an SNSF Flexibility Grant.


  • Embargo periods: open letter

    By 2020, all SNSF-funded publications should be freely accessible after six months at the latest. In an open letter, the SNSF has asked leading publishers to shorten their embargo periods.


  • SNSF will operate AcademiaNet

    More women in scientific leadership positions - this is the goal of AcademiaNet, the European database listing outstanding women researchers. Starting in January, it will be run by the SNSF.


  • Horizons: Toxic world

    The dose makes the poison. Really? Isn't it rather the legal limit that defines toxicity? Read all about chemicals, their use and how we have become suspicious of them.


  • How team Mayor/Queloz won the Nobel Prize

    Planetary researchers Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz will tonight receive the Nobel Prize in Physics. Quotes from two courageous scientists and longstanding SNSF grant holders.