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New Horizons website

With the launch of its new website, you can now read the research magazine Horizons of the SNSF and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences on your mobile phone and share it online: Continue

  • Shaping opinions in the digital marketplace

    Hyperlinks are set neither evenly nor randomly. What does this mean for the political discourse?


  • Members of evaluation bodies

    As of now, the SNSF will be listing the names of active members of its permanent evaluation bodies on its website.


  • 100% Open Access to SNSF research

    Based on a decision by the National Research Council, all publications produced in SNSF-funded projects are to be freely available in digital format as of 2020.


  • Plankton swim against the current

    Copepods swim together in a swarm, even in turbulent currents. Researchers observed the fish food with high-speed cameras.


  • Digital Lives

    Digitalisation is one of the most important drivers of innovation in the 21st century, and it will foreseeably have a lasting effect on all areas of our lives. It will radically change our society, politics and economy, and also the sciences.


  • Sinergia programme: 19 new projects

    The SNSF will fund 19 new Sinergia projects with a total amount of 42.4 million Swiss francs.