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Matthias Egger is the new president of the Research Council

Matthias Egger, internationally renowned epidemiologist and public health expert, will be the new president of the National Research Council of the SNSF as of 2017. Continue

  • BRIDGE: 1st call of joint programme of SNSF and CTI

    The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) and the SNSF are launching the first call for proposals for the funding opportunity BRIDGE Proof of Concept. This also marks the start of the joint funding programme BRIDGE.


  • Scientific integrity: revised regulations

    Three years after appointing the Commission on Research Integrity, the SNSF has revised the relevant regulations, including the regulations on scientific misconduct.


  • The SNSF supports 23 edition projects

    During the funding period 2017-2020, the SNSF will support 23 edition projects with a total amount of CHF 23.1 million.


  • Evaluation of the first IICT call

    Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials are generating a great deal of interest. An evaluation of the first call provides guidance for future proposals.


  • From trees to paper: how Swiss wood impacts the environment

    Wood has a largely favourable environmental effect. A study of the National Research Programme "Resource Wood" recommends using wood more widely as a source of energy and as a building material.


  • NORFACE/Belmont Forum: multiple joint call T2S

    The ERA-NET NORFACE and the Belmont Forum are launching the call "Transformation to Sustainability (T2S)", which will be open to all researchers in Switzerland as of December 2016.