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Conditions for employees funded under SNSF grants

Employment conditions of employees funded under SNSF grants change as of 1 April 2018. The changes mainly concern doctoral students and other employees. Continue

  • The fascination of research in pictures

    The winners of the SNSF Scientific Image Competition show science from another angle. Over 350 entries were submitted.


  • Prize for humanities and social sciences

    A researcher from the humanities and social sciences will receive the Swiss Science Prize Marcel Benoist 2018. Everyone working in these fields is invited to submit nominations.


  • Open access makes books more visible

    Scientific books that are freely and digitally accessible have a greater reach. The influence of open access on sales figures is limited. These are just two of the insights obtained in the OAPEN-CH pilot project conducted by the SNSF.


  • Switzerland-Japan: three projects approved

    Within the scope of the Strategic Japanese-Swiss Science and Technology Programme (SJSSTP) nine applications were received by the SNSF. Three of them were awarded a grant, with the thematic area: Research on hydrogen as a renewable energy carrier.


  • Nationwide soil mapping for Switzerland

    NRP 68 “Soil as a Resource” recommends setting up a national soil information platform, and shows how soil data can be collected more quickly.


  • Open Access publishing made easy

    The SNSF is strengthening publishing Open Access: as of 1 April 2018, it will be easier to publish books and journal articles that are openly accessible.




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    The SNSF on Twitter

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