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A comparative and social history of decolonisation in Africa

The National Latsis Prize 2016 has been awarded to Alexander Keese for his research into ethnicity, forced labour and political transitions in west and central Africa. Continue

  • Horizons magazine: Researching fairnesss

    Horizons explores the role of research in international development. In which projects should money be invested? How effective are these investments? And who will own the research results?


  • Restructuring Transitioning the publication system towards Open Access: Study proposes pragmatic scenario

    For the first time, a study has developed scenarios for restructuring transitioning Switzerland's scientific publication system towards Open Access (OA).


  • Science Booster channel: crowdfunding for research

    The crowdfunding platform "wemakeit" is launching a Science Booster channel. The SNSF welcomes this initiative to secure unconventional support for innovative research ideas.


  • JPND: outcome of 2016 call

    Following the JPND call "Harmonisation and Alignment in Brain Imaging Methods for Neurodegeneration", ten projects were selected for funding. Swiss researchers are participating in one project.


  • SNSF Scientific Image Competition

    The Swiss National Science Foundation is launching a competition for scientific images and videos. Open to researchers working in Switzerland, the competition aims to reveal the hidden beauty of science.


  • HSS: Simplified submission for women researchers with ERC proposals in 2017

    The SNSF is extending its temporary measure to improve the participation rate of the humanities and social sciences at the European level by one year.