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Towards a better understanding of public spaces
Towards a better understanding of public spaces

The European network HERA funds 20 projects focusing on public spaces. Among them, the projects of two Swiss-based researchers. Continue

  • Horizons: surprisingly emotional

    Emotions are in the focus of disciplines ranging from history and artificial intelligence to biology. The new Horizons places them in the spotlight of scientific analysis.


  • Three new members of the Research Council

    The Executive Committee of the SNSF Foundation Council has elected three new members of the Research Council.


  • More women in leadership positions

    The SNSF has launched its new leadership programme. Innovative leadership concepts and more women in leading positions are to help us confront the current challenges in science and society resolutely and successfully.


  • How digitalisation could reinvent poetry

    The SNSF awards its Optimus Agora prize to Antonio Rodriguez for an exhibition which explores the future of poetry.


  • Where research meets the public

    Following the 8th call for proposals for its Agora funding scheme, the SNSF has approved 12 new projects submitted by researchers aiming to share their research with the public.


  • The Southern Ocean influences glacial cycles

    A study funded by the SNSF confirms that the Antarctic region plays a key role during periods of climate change.




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