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Benefits of basic research

The SNSF has launched a campaign on the benefits of basic research with four videos and more. Continue

  • COST supports 40 new Actions

    40 new COST Actions will kick-off in late summer or autumn 2019 and are open to researchers and experts as of now.


  • Save the date: tour of higher education institutions

    In November and December 2019, the SNSF will hold information events at several higher education institutions in Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Winterthur and Zurich.


  • More than 700 ideas submitted

    The new Spark funding scheme has generated enormous interest. Young researchers in particular are applying to the SNSF for financial support.


  • A new tool for precision medicine

    Chemists have created a new compound for flexible drug delivery against tumours which combines four different molecules.


  • Eleven MD-PhD grants awarded

    The SNSF, the SAMS and the Swiss cancer research foundation will support eleven young medical doctors in doing their PhDs


  • Doc.CH: 24 grants for doctoral students

    The SNSF awards Doc.CH grants to twenty-four young researchers who wish to write a doctoral thesis in the humanities and social sciences. They receive an average of 243,000 francs per grant.