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Launch of National Research Programme "Advancing 3R"

In spring 2021, the SNSF will publish a call for proposals for the National Research Programme "Advancing 3Rs" aimed at improving animal research. Continue

  • SNSF media training: sign up now!

    The SNSF media training courses help you to communicate your research results with greater precision and impact. There are still some free slots in May and June. All courses are taking place online for the time being.


  • Veal calf-fattening: it can be done with fewer antibiotics

    A new concept for fattening calves needs much less antibiotics than established methods - and is still economically attractive.


  • Novel antibiotic deceives bacteria

    Darobactin kills almost all pathogens whose resistance to antibiotics cause problems. Its amazing mechanism of action has now been revealed.


  • Where research meets the people

    Following the 10th call for proposals for its Agora funding scheme, the SNSF has approved 18 new projects submitted by researchers aiming to share their research with the public.


  • From breast cancer to tea plantations

    The SPIRIT programme supports team-oriented research cooperation with countries in the global South. As part of the third evaluation round, the SNSF has selected four new projects for funding.


  • Drawing lots as a tie-breaker

    After a pilot phase, the SNSF is introducing the drawing of lots as a potential tie-breaker in all funding schemes. It may be used in cases where equally good proposals cannot be further differentiated objectively.