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National Latsis Prize 2016 awarded to historian

Historian Alexander Keese has been awarded the National Latsis Prize worth CHF 100,000 for his work on African history. The award ceremony took place at Bern Town Hall on 12 January 2017. Continue

  • National Open Access strategy

    Switzerland is forging ahead with Open Access: the plenary meeting of swissuniversities has approved the national Open Access strategy.


  • Doc.CH: the SNSF awards 25 grants

    Twenty-five young researchers were chosen in January by the SNSF as beneficiaries of a Doc.CH grant, a funding scheme aimed at researchers who wish to write a doctoral thesis in the humanities and social sciences.


  • Projects of NRP 72: lay summaries

    The researchers of NRP 72 "Antimicrobial Resistance" are presenting their projects in 21 lay summaries. They are online now.


  • US travel ban: SNSF supports researchers

    The US government's travel ban on citizens from 7 countries also affects researchers supported by the SNSF.


  • Agora: 20 new projects

    Following the sixth call for proposals for its Agora funding scheme, the SNSF has approved 20 new projects submitted by researchers aiming to share their research with the public.


  • 497 entries for SNSF image competition

    More than 200 Swiss researchers are participating in the SNSF Scientific Image Competition.