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Peace researcher receives major science prize

On 15 November 2018, ETH Professor Lars-Erik Cederman was awarded the Marcel Benoist Swiss Science Prize for his work in international conflict research. Continue

  • MD-PhD grants 2019

    MD-PhD grants enable young medical doctors to conduct their own research project.


  • 51 awards for top early-career researchers

    With its new Eccellenza funding scheme, the SNSF supports outstanding researchers on the path to a permanent professorship.


  • Research magazine Horizons: The transformation of Big Science

    Our thirst for knowledge is insatiable - and scientific mega projects are the perfect expression of this. But despite their might: Big Science is becoming more democratic and is opening up to all academic disciplines, as the latest Horizons magazine shows.


  • Long-range drought forecasts

    WSL researchers have developed a complex hydrological model for forecasting dry spells lasting several weeks. This benefits hydropower.


  • International advisory board for the SNSF

    The new international advisory board has started work. It consists of five re-nowned experts who are expected to think outside the box.


  • Sinergia funds 19 interdisciplinary projects

    Many scientific questions are best answered when researchers from different disciplines work together to generate synergies. The SNSF is funding 19 new Sinergia projects with a total amount of 40.9 million francs.




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