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Matthias Egger is the new president of the Research Council

Matthias Egger, internationally renowned epidemiologist and public health expert, will be the new president of the National Research Council of the SNSF as of 2017. Continue

  • Mandate to evaluate three NRPs

    The SNSF launches a call to evaluate the social impact of the National Research Programmes 59, 60 and 61. The submission deadline is 15 November 2016.


  • Research Council: new presidents for two divisions

    The Executive Committee of the SNSF Foundation Council has elected two new members to the Presiding Board of the Research Council and nine new research councillors.


  • An experimental flood to revitalise rivers

    Scientists working on NRP 70 "Energy Turnaround" plan to take advantage of an experimental flood on the Sarine River (also known as the Saane) to assess its benefits to the river-floodplain habitat.


  • Beware of unsolicited publication offers!

    The name of the SNSF is used - sometimes fraudulently - to trick researchers into publishing their articles at a high cost.


  • Lead Agency applications: new guidelines

    The Lead Agency process is aimed at researchers in Switzerland who wish to conduct a cross-border research project.


  • HERA: three Swiss projects on the past

    Researchers from Switzerland are among the most successful applicants to the research programme "Uses of the Past" of the Era-Net HERA.