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New research ideas in NRP "Covid-19"

Researchers have submitted 190 applications to NRP "Covid-19": 155 in biomedicine, 19 in the STEM disciplines and 16 in the humanities and social sciences. Continue

  • Is Switzerland ready for change?

    How can the transition towards a sustainable economy take place? Insight into the state of research in NRP 73 at the midway point.


  • Towards a Swiss Food Strategy for 2050

    NRP 69 recommends that the government develop a Food Strategy for 2050.


  • Initial results of the SNSF cohort study

    A series of surveys of applicants for SNSF career grants has generated initial insights. They enable the SNSF to better understand the applicants’ career paths.


  • Dutch on board

    The SNSF and the Dutch Research Council have agreed to finance joint projects. This will make it much easier for Swiss researchers to collaborate with their Dutch counterparts.


  • Sinergia: 17 new projects

    With its Sinergia programme, the SNSF finances research that is interdisciplinary, collaborative and innovative. For example, research aimed at improving the prediction of epileptic seizures.


  • Ready to meet the challenges

    Basic research projects supported by the SNSF are helping to find solutions to the current crisis and to prepare for future challenges.