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Profile 2015-2016: High demand for SNSF funding

The SNSF funded over 3200 research proposals in 2015 with approx. 878 million Swiss francs, thereby substantially strengthening the Swiss science scene. Continue

  • Call for proposals in project funding

    In the context of its innovation process, the SNSF has adjusted the conditions of the project funding scheme. Applications can be entered as of mid-August.


  • Applications: new deadline at 5 p.m. Swiss local time!

    From 1 October 2016, the new deadline for all funding schemes of the SNSF will be 5 p.m. Swiss local time on the final submission date. This will allow the SNSF to offer optimised support during the submission process.


  • Physics Olympiad: bronze medal for Switzerland

    Yesterday, a grand ceremony in Zurich brought the 47th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) to a close. Markus Köhler, member of the Swiss team, was awarded a bronze medal.


  • Second conference on Gender and Excellence

    The conference on Gender and Excellence was organised as a follow-up to its namesake in October 2014. It elicited great interest and positive responses.


  • FLARE - Funding LArge international REsearch projects

    The SNSF launches the first call for proposals of the FLARE funding scheme for the 2017-2020 period.


  • François Baumgartner is the new deputy director of the SNSF

    The Executive Committee of the Foundation Council has appointed François Baumgartner as deputy director of the SNSF. He will start in his new role on 1 September 2016.