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National Latsis Prize 2016 awarded to historian

Historian Alexander Keese has been awarded the National Latsis Prize worth CHF 100,000 for his work on African history. The award ceremony took place at Bern Town Hall on 12 January 2017. Continue

  • Programme with Japan: 4 project approved

    Within the scope of the Strategic Japanese-Swiss Science and Technology Programme (SJSSTP) 38 applications were received by the beginning of June 2016. Four of them were awarded a grant.


  • Programme with South Africa: 12 projects approved

    Within the scope of the Swiss-South Africa Joint Research Programme (SSAJRP), 89 applications were received by the end of May 2016. Twelve of them were awarded a grant.


  • From photosynthesis to new compounds for eye diseases

    Researchers supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation have succeeded in using X-rays to minutely observe a photosynthesis reaction and produce a movie of the event. The findings will aid understanding of similar processes in the human eye.


  • ERA-NET E-Rare 3: outcome of JTC 2016

    Swiss researchers are participating in three projects funded by the ERA-NET E-RARE 3 joint transnational call 2016.


  • Research Council: nine members elected

    The Executive Committee of the SNSF Foundation Council elected nine new research councillors at the beginning of December.


  • School teaches what society expects

    SNSF project shows that school curricula have been in flux since the creation of the school system in 1830.