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Horizons magazine: At the end of life

Horizons is embracing impermanence and the inevitability of death. But when exactly does life end? How does our society deal with dying and death? And how much self-determination is there in a living will? Continue

  • Stable demand for SNSF funding

    The SNSF funded over 3200 research proposals in 2016 with approx. 937 million Swiss francs, thereby substantially strengthening the Swiss science scene.


  • Looking beyond lithium batteries

    Scientists supported by the SNSF have produced new components for sodium and magnesium batteries.


  • Seeing science in a new light

    The SNSF is optimising its support for international exchanges between researchers by merging existing funding schemes into one.


  • NCCRs: humanities & social sciences networks

    An investment that has paid off: 5 National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCRs) in the humanities & social sciences will be concluded in 2017.


  • Data management: SNSF guidelines for researchers

    What should go into the data management plans of applications for SNSF project funding? Detailed guidelines now tell researchers what they need to know.


  • Infographics: Swiss energy research

    The SNSF presents an overview of energy research in Switzerland: research areas and disciplines, institutions, financing, funding schemes.