National Centres of Competence in Research and spin-offs in Hannover: basic research to drive innovation


Many exhibitors at this year's Hannover Fair will be highlighting the key role of academic research in innovation - among them the two National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCRs) Robotics and QSIT and their spin-offs.

Hannover Messe, taking place from 25 to 29 April 2016, is one of the most important industrial fairs worldwide, featuring 6500 exhibitors from more than 70 countries and attracting over 220,000 visitors (last year's figures). Together with five leading trade fairs that take place at around the same time, it covers a unique range of topics and products. At this leading research, development and technology transfer fair, experts from science and business will come together to lay the foundations for future-oriented products and applications.Switzerland represented by the Swiss PavilionThis year's Hannover Messe features numerous exhibitors who are firmly rooted in academic research, illustrating its key importance for the innovation chain. This is also true of the SWISS Pavilion, which will be representing Switzerland at the fair. The Pavilion showcases the innovation potential of Swiss research as well as the successful promotion of technology transfer achieved thanks to research and innovation funding by the Confederation, the SNSF and the CTI. Consequently, two National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCRs) as well as three resultant spin-offs will also be represented in Hannover.NCCRs promote technology transferThe NCCR Robotics is conducting research on "intelligent robots for improving the quality of life", while NCCR QSIT (Quantum Science and Technology) is aiming for new insights in the fields of quantum physics and information theory. The NCCRs are tasked with conducting cutting edge research, on the one hand, and promoting knowledge and technology transfer, on the other. They regularly lead to the founding of new companies. These so-called spin-offs are based on the innovative use and application of insights or technologies generated in the NCCRs. Two of the spin-offs of the NCCR Robotics on show at Hannover Messe are now funded by the CTI. Flyability SA with the product "Gimball - the collision-tolerant drone" Fotokite with the product "Fotokite Pro: Aerial filming made simple" Two other Swiss organisations actively promoting innovation will be present in Hannover: "Switzerland Innovation" (Swiss Innovation Park Foundation) and "The Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research, Heat & Electricity Storage" (SCCER Storage).Links: NCCRs – National Centres of Competence in ResearchHannover Messe - the most important industrial fair in the worldNCCR RoboticsNCCR QSIT (Quantum Science and Technology)Switzerland Innovation (Swiss Innovation Park Foundation)The Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research, Heat & Electricity Storage (SCCER Storage)CTI - Commission for Technology and Innovation
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