precoR – Initiative to fund precompetitive research

Submission deadline


For 2013/2014, the Mathematics, Natural and Engineering Sciences division of the SNSF is allocating CHF 2 million to realise a thematically limited pilot call to fund precompetitive research. precoR supports basic research projects with a focus on future commercial application that are not yet sufficiently advanced to be strategically (co)managed by industry partners.

The transition of a target-oriented project from basic, "non-predictive" research to a stage that allows predictive engineering approaches is challenging. The goal of the precoR initiative (funding of precompetitive research) is to support the basic scientific research of a project to the point where a commercial application becomes viable.

A clear vision of a product or application

Projects need to have a clear vision of an original and novel product or application. In addition, they are typically characterised by a strong effort to create a network of partners who are interested in the further development of a product, potentially even resulting in the foundation of a start-up company. Innovative solutions as well as high-quality scientific publications are expected to emerge from the projects. Hence, the initiative promotes a merger of the cultures of basic scientific research and application-driven engineering.

As a pilot programme, the precoR initiative 2013 is limited to proposals in Materials Science or Fabrication Technology. Proposals can be submitted between 11 November 2013 and 17 March 2014.

Mathematics, Natural and Engineering Sciences division