Call for proposals: Swiss Roadmap for Research Infrastructures 2017-2020

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The SNSF and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) have jointly launched a call for applications for new research infrastructures of at least national importance. The call runs until 23 January 2014.

SERI is updating the Swiss Roadmap for Research Infrastructures. The Roadmap forms the basis for financial decisions under the 2017-2020 ERI Dispatch. It identifies prospective research infrastructures of national importance and provides an inventory of existing research infrastructures. The requirement to produce a Swiss Research Infrastructure Roadmap periodically was recently set down in the revised Research and Innovation Promotion Act RIPA (enactment on 1 January 2014).
The SNSF will carry out the initial scientific quality assurance and classification of the proposals for new research infrastructures (first stage). SERI will then coordinate their allocation to the relevant institutions (especially ETH Domain, cantonal universities including those of applied sciences, the SNSF and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences) responsible for carrying out further quality assessments (second stage) and, where appropriate, for providing funding in the 2017-2020 ERI budget period. The definitive funding decisions will be made in the framework of the 2017-2020 ERI Dispatch.


Humanities and Social Sciences division

Natural and Engineering Sciences division

Biology and Medicine division

Katharina Eggenberger
SERI, scientific advisor, deputy head
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