Research output


Since 2011, the SNSF has collected extensive data on the output of funded research and published it in its research database P3.

During and after a project, researchers are able to enter details regarding publications, research events and communication activities along with other types of research output on the internet platform mySNF. The SNSF feeds the resultant output data into its research database P3, thus making it publicly accessible. In so doing, the SNSF is responding to demands from political authorities to make the output of funded projects more visible for society and policy makers.

Publications can be imported directly and project data that is already in the system can be reused. This simplifies the task for researchers. At a later stage, the SNSF will perform quantitative analyses on the output data. Individual project data will be used together with the scientific reports as a basis for evaluating follow-up projects.

Careful analysis of data

The first consolidated results for the output data will become available in two to three years' time when sufficient data has been collected. The SNSF is aware that it is difficult to identify and quantify the output it has financed and it will therefore take all necessary care when using the data. On the one hand, direct output such as research results, publications and doctoral theses are often financed by more than one source. On the other hand, indirect outcomes and the eventual impact on society and the economy often only become apparent at a national or even international level.

Further information on the entry and collection of output data can be found in the FAQs.