Switzerland participates in ERA.Net RUS Plus


The SNSF is participating in the ERA.Net RUS Plus, which got under way in November 2013. The joint call for transnational research projects will be issued this spring.

ERA.Net RUS Plus is the follow-up initiative to ERA.NET RUS, in which Switzerland's successful participation was coordinated by the University of Geneva as leading house. The aim of the initiative is to enhance the coordination of joint research programmes between EU countries / associated countries and Russia. A call is to be issued for projects involving at least three countries, one of them being Russia.Partner countriesThe following countries are also taking part in ERA.Net RUS Plus: Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany (coordination), Greece, Israel, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey.Topics of the callApproximately EUR 22.2 million will be made available by the partner countries for the single joint call, with each partner institution in a given country funding its own researchers. The following topics are addressed in the call:1. Nanotechnologies2. Environment/Climate change3. Health4. Social sciences and humanitiesScheduleThere will be a two-stage submission and evaluation procedure with short time windows for the submission of proposals.1 April 2014: publication of the single joint call14 May 2014: submission deadline for pre-proposals16 September 2014: invitation to submit full proposals6 November 2014: submission deadline for full proposalsThe approved projects will be able to start as of spring 2015. ERA.Net RUS Plus (with information on the single joint call)
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