SNSF supports ten longitudinal studies in 2014


This picture shows a woman researcher working in a medical laboratory. © Keystone

In order to strengthen biomedical research infrastructures, the SNSF has decided to fund a total of ten longitudinal studies (cohorts) in 2014. For the time being, the SNSF is investing a total of CHF 27 million for two years.

By awarding grants for studies with a longitudinal design (longitudinal studies), the SNSF supports research infrastructures which facilitate the collection and analysis of population-based and disease-oriented data over a substantial period of time. These studies are generally multi-centric; they are conducted at different research centres, bringing together research groups composed of researchers from different institutions.

Two-stage evaluation procedure

The proposals submitted in response to the call in early 2013 were evaluated in a two-stage procedure, including reviews by experts based abroad. On the basis of the 27 pre-proposals received, 13 research groups were invited to submit a detailed proposal. The evaluation considered scientific criteria as well as the significance of the longitudinal study for the Swiss health care system and the project's suitability as a platform for national and international research projects.

For an initial two-year period, grants worth a total of CHF 27 million were awarded for seven longitudinal studies already supported by the SNSF and two new studies. The studies may be extended for a further two years based on the results of an interim evaluation. Factoring in another ongoing longitudinal study, for which the funding period has been extended without the need for further financing, the SNSF now supports ten longitudinal studies in 2014.

Division Biology and Medicine