Temporary Backup Schemes: call for SNSF Starting Grants


This picture shows a researcher looking into a microscope in a laboratory. © SNSF

Between 15 and 25 March, researchers are able to submit applications for SNSF Starting Grants to the SNSF. The call is launched in the context of the transitional measure "Temporary Backup Schemes" of the SNSF, which was announced after the exclusion of Swiss research institutions from the programmes of the ERC.

​As a result of the successful initiative against mass immigration, researchers working or intending to work in Switzerland cannot submit grant proposals to the European Research Council (ERC) until further notice. The highly competitive and international nature of research in Switzerland must be safeguarded by specific measures until a new political agreement with the European Union is reached.

Immediate submission of SNSF Starting Grants

Supported by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), the SNSF has set up "Temporary Backup Schemes". The first call to be issued in this context is for SNSF Starting Grants. Submissions have to be made between 15 and 25 March (midnight) via mySNF. The SNSF has produced the necessary call documents and published a web page with all the relevant information.


Proposals for ERC Starting Grants with a home institution in Switzerland that have been prepared or already submitted to the ERC can be submitted via mySNF without any major changes in terms of form and content. The upload documents can be used as they are, but the mySNF entry mask does not correspond to the structure used at the ERC. Particularly affected are financial and administrative aspects of the applications. To submit a proposal, applicants need to request a user account at the SNSF; such an account can be opened within 48 hours.


Hotline for researchers as of 17 March

In addition to the information that is available on the new web page and on mySNF, the SNSF offers researchers a hotline for individual questions and advice in the context of the Temporary Backup Schemes. The hotline will be in operation from 17 to 25 March between 8:00 and 17:00 (including technical support for mySNF between 14:00 and 18:00 on the weekend of 22/23 march via mySNF.support@snf.ch). The number of the hotline is: 031 308 22 22.

Information regarding the SNSF Consolidator Grants (submission deadline 20 May 2014) will follow as soon as possible.

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