Global Research Council: the SNSF at the "2014 Annual Meeting" in China


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Participation in the meeting of the Global Research Council has reinforced the SNSF's belief that it is on the right path with regard to its funding policies. The event - held in China in May - addressed the topics open access and young researchers from an international perspective and culminated in a joint statement on the promotion of young researchers.

The third Annual Meeting of the Global Research Council (GRC) was held from 26 to 28 May in Beijing, China. At the three-day conference, approximately 60 heads of research councils and research organisations from around the world discussed the following two topics:

  • Open Access to Publications
  • Shaping the Future: Supporting the Next Generation of Researchers.

The implementation of the Global Research Council’s “Action Plan towards Open Access to Publication” (endorsed in 2013) was presented and discussed. With regard to the second topic, supporting the next generation of researchers, the GRC members approved the "Statement of Principles for Shaping the Future".


The SNSF is committed to open access and to the promotion of young researchers. Discussions with other GRC members have encouraged the SNSF to fully implement initiated or planned changes to its funding policies.

For more information on the GRC Annual Meeting, please refer to the press release of Science Europe and to the GRC website.

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