Sinergia: 35 new grants in 2014


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On 3 June 2014, the SNSF decided to assign grants worth a total of CHF 53 million to 35 Sinergia applications. Researchers had requested a total amount of CHF 146 million.

The SNSF received 89 Sinergia applications by the deadline of 15 January 2014; 12% primarily concern a field within the humanities and social sciences (HSS), 27% focus mainly on mathematics, natural and engineering sciences and 61% are largely devoted to biology and medicine. The percentage of funded projects within each science area was 20%, 26% and 54% respectively. 40% of the submitted and 37% of the funded applications were interdisciplinary.

On average, the approved applications were granted 6% less than the amount they requested. The main applicants of 91% of the funded projects work at a Swiss university or an ETH. The other applicants either work at a research centre or another higher education institution.

Annual figures compared

The number of submitted applications and the success rate were similar to those of the preceding years (92 applications submitted and success rate of 39% in 2012, 90 and 38% in 2011), with the exception of 2013, in which a slightly higher number of submitted applications (98) and a success rate of 47% were recorded. Compared to the preceding years, the percentage of submitted HSS projects decreased by 8%, and the number of projects focusing on a field within biology and medicine increased by 11%.

Co-ordination and Interdivisional Research division (CoRe)